Baby Namings

Babies bring lots of smiles, lots of hugs, lots of joy!

Family and friends gather and have a chance to take a breath and really absorb the beautiful change that has come about after the anticipation of pregnancy and the excitement of birth. This occasion deserves all the spirit we can bring to it and I promise to bring you that with my readings, poetry and special music just for the occasion. 

As with all of my ceremonies, I can adapt what I bring with me for a baby naming to your situation, to your cultural and spiritual background, etc. Not only can I, I would be excited to! Let’s include all the people who are dear to you, family and friends, and give them a role in the ceremony! Let’s include older siblings and make certain they feel included, too! Let’s include grandparents and make certain we find a “place” for grandparents who can’t attend or whose memory we hold dear. Of course, let’s give you a great opportunity to talk to your baby and tell him/her what this occasion means to you, the significance of name(s) you’ve chosen for him/her and more!




of my musical blessings for baby namings