Rabbi Neil's


I feel very privileged that I can express myself through music. I’ve found that there are many things I can communicate much better through in music than I otherwise might through speaking. Music touches what we feel long before those feelings are intellectualized and turned into ideas, concepts and words. My connection to music and singing began when I was very young, long before I picked up a guitar (although I was only 11 when I did that). As a result, ever since I became a rabbi, my guitar and singing has always been part of what I bring. I love to add music to ceremony and ritual! Music “lifts up” all ceremonies so that the meaning of what we are doing can take flight and soar!

I’d be happy to share samples of the music I could bring (original and by other composers) that would be appropriate for your ceremony. I have played processional and recessional music for weddings and included pieces in the wedding as well. Music can bind us together in a beautiful way for a baby naming. I even have appropriate music I can lend to a funeral. I look forward to speaking with you about how the music I can bring might add to your ceremony.

If you’re interested (and I certainly hope that you are!), I hope you’ll check out my CD of children’s music called “On This Day and All the Time”. It’s available on on iTunes and Amazon.