Spiritual Counseling


A teacher of mine used to say,

“Rabbis are the first aid station on the battlefield of life.” While I hope that we all view life as a wonderful and precious opportunity rather than a “battlefield” I believe his is an apt metaphor. It is always humbling for me to be asked to listen to the difficulties that they are experiencing along life’s journey. I take it as a huge responsibility that you would put your trust in me. My responses for you will draw on my knowledge of my own tradition’s wisdom and other bits of understanding I’ve been privileged to acquire. With my teacher’s metaphor in mind, I am fully aware that my role for you is to share what my spiritual training and experience has to offer. One of the most productive components of spiritual counseling is that during our time together we might discover items you wish to explore further with your therapist. It is an honor to be in your trust.

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"Rabbis are the first aid station on the battlefield of life."