My goal for your wedding

My foremost  goal for you and your wedding is to perform the ceremony you would facilitate for yourselves if you could be in your wedding and officiate it at the same time! Once you engage my services, I will meet with you as many times as you wish - the more the better, so that I can come to know you well both as a couple and individuals and thereby reflect YOU into YOUR ceremony. From my experience with the many couples whom I’ve helped, I will advise you regarding both the large components and small details of your ceremony, introduce you to options you may not have considered and lead your family and friends through your wedding based on a “map” that you create for me. I will suggest and/or create “ceremonies-with-the-ceremony” that I have created over the years reflecting your specific needs and circumstances and I offer you my guitar playing and singing, as well, if you feel it might contribute to the feeling you are seeking.


Your wedding ceremony will be fueled by the energy you bring to it.

It is built on your relationship - reflecting the journey you have taken thus far together and your visions for your future. Your ceremony should be real and honest for you so that it creates an authentic embrace for this special moment. Would you like to write your own vows? Would you like to acknowledge the memory of a loved one? If you’re creating a blended family, let’s include something for your children! Would you like your guests to participate in the ceremony? Let’s create something for them, too! I look forward to the privilege of working with you.